I had lunch with The Ladybugs. These Red Hatters met at the Tilted Kilt where the waitresses are cute as a button and the fellas are in kilts. Eye candy for everyone! We ate a good lunch and chatted for a couple of hours. They let me blather on about Skeeterville, which I love to do. That was kind because my family gets tired of it and I’m always looking for new ears to bend.  After lunch we had to have a picture together with the waitresses.  So, I want to thank these ladies for putting up with me today and I can’t wait to visit with them again. After all, I am qualified to be a Red Hat!

Shown here with Teresa Quill are: Elizabeth Brackin, Barbara Hildebrand, Sherry Matzko, Jane McPhaul, Lenora Staley, Judy Virts, Clara Wamsley, and A.J. Willard (Queen Ladybug)

2015-03-12 13.15.42

About TeresaQuill

Teresa writes light hearted cozies set in Skeeterville, Md, a small town with ornery seniors living in an apartment building. Death happens. . . Skeeterville Seniors find out why. Teresa lives in Frederick Md with her personal hero, one noisy parrot, and two needy long-haired dachshunds.

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