My Most Sad News  –and Happy News.

Many of you know that over the last five months I have lost three dear pets. My 15yo doxie boy, Otto, in November 2014, my 18yo lovebird in February 2015. Last week my 7yo doxie girl, Carmen, crossed rainbow bridge. Carmen had a heart attack during a much needed dental cleaning.  My rescue boy, Fluke, has clean teeth but is confused, partly because she is gone, partly because he has only been with us since Easter.

In this short story, Irene and Gretta rescue two abused dachshunds. From the start, I planned to have my two furbabies on the cover. I had no idea they would both be gone when I wrote “The End” through tears.

My Happy News-
I uploaded -A Tail of Two Doxies, A Skeeterville Cozy Short Story- to Amazon. Like my first Skeeterville story -Amazing Gracie- it’s short, it’s fun, it’s 99 cents.  

A note of embarrassment here- The pictures of my 2Doxie Press symbol and my author pic didn’t load with the story.  The story is the same, but you won’t see my smiling face there. You have to see me here or on Facebook until I can figure it out and reload it to Amazon. I wanted perfection, but. . . Nooooo! 

I am going on a writing retreat this weekend to diligently get back to -Hiding Miss Daisy.- Dear Daisy is half done, but Gretta’s dachshunds had to be saved. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my special rescue story. 

A Tail of Two Doxies

About TeresaQuill

Teresa writes light hearted cozies set in Skeeterville, Md, a small town with ornery seniors living in an apartment building. Death happens. . . Skeeterville Seniors find out why. Teresa lives in Frederick Md with her personal hero, one noisy parrot, and two needy long-haired dachshunds.

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