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  1. Karin says:

    Amazing Gracie was wonderful….PLEASE continue to write this series…
    You have a great talent for writing….and your book gives joy and the best entertainment…Thank you, thank you…..When is your next book coming out?
    I can’t wait!!!!
    Karin Geach

    • TeresaQuill says:

      Karin! A Tail of Two Doxies is a short story from Skeeterville, and Irene is at it again. I hope you enjoy this little story that has a special place in my heart.
      Hiding Miss Daisy is underway and Irene has surprised me again as she leaves the apartments to go undercover at the nursing home!
      I love writing about Skeeterville. My family gets tired of hearing about my characters sometimes, but they love me anyway. LOL!

  2. Loved your book amazing Gracie. First time reader of your books. I am a 73 yr old lady and I so enjoyed reading about us older folks. John and Gracie are a perfect couple. Will be down loading more of your books on my tablet. Keep writing and God Bless. MINNIE

    • TeresaQuill says:

      I’m so glad you liked my seniors. They will be back soon. I have a short story coming out at the end of April called A Tail of Two Doxies. Irene and Gretta rescue two abused dachshunds. I hope you’ll enjoy that taste of Skeeterville until Hiding Miss Daisy comes out, probably in June.
      I don’t believe seniors are meant to sit in rocking chairs and do nothing! Even my seniors who are less able still contribute to my stories. What a wealth of knowledge we accumulate over the years!
      I never know exactly what my seniors will do next and I love that!
      Thanks for your kind words.

    • TeresaQuill says:

      Minnie, Hiding Miss Daisy is finally ready. It took twice as long as I’d hoped, but it’s a special story. Some of Daisy’s antics were taken from things my mother did when she was getting dementia. For example: the books. We learned that she had joined six book clubs but forgot to stop the memberships.She wanted the angel bags and angel throws as gifts for us. At first we were concerned, but we laughed, too. She was so gentle and loving. of course, most of the events are slightly exaggerated.
      While writing this story, I became ill in June but am improving. Then I had grandkids in my house for six weeks. Six! I love them all. I was back in the groove and almost done when the holidays hit and my father in law died on Christmas day. We had some lovely things happen this year too. I traveled to Jamaica, NYC, and San Diego. Plus we have our lovely Lana, a dachshund puppy. Quite a year! I leave for San Diego on Friday for a week long writing retreat. I will be plotting Fifteen Shades of Blue. Never dull here. I hope you enjoy Miss Daisy. it’s a special story. Teresa

  3. Juda says:

    when will Hiding Miss Daisy be coming out?? Loved Amazing Gracie

    • TeresaQuill says:

      Juda, My dear Miss Daisy won’t be out for a couple of months. I was delayed by Gretta and Irene saving these dachshunds! I hope you enjoy them while I finish Daisy’s story. Irene is pulling some stunts in this one!

  4. Charlie says:

    Teresa, My mom is 90 and I think she would enjoy reading these books, HOWEVER…she does not have a Kindle or any other eReader. Even if she did she would not be able to figure out how to use it and would simply get frustrated. Are these books available in good old fashioned book form?

    • TeresaQuill says:

      Right now I don’t have the option for print since I write novellas, which are short. Next year I plan to do a collection of two or three stories. Perhaps you could read to her. My mother loved it when I read to her. Once she moved to assisted living, she would have her friends join us. So I read to all of them. Once I wrote a spicy little scene and they loved that!
      Blessings, Teresa

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