Silver Corner by Hildy Wolfe

Muffin Mistake Causes Flames
Irene Weatherspoon from the Friendly Arms Apartments lit the fire in her oven which lit the towels inside. The apartments were evacuated safely. Skeeterville County Fire Department responded in less than ten minutes and had the flames out before smoke damaged any other apartments.
Clean up will involve a lot of scrubbing and a kitchen remodel. “That’s one way to get your apartment cleaned out,” says Irene. “But I wouldn’t want to do it that way again.”
Irene is disappointed she didn’t get to make her famous banana nut muffins but would gladly share the recipe with anyone who wants to bake them.

Women’s Group Sponsors Safety Talk
Walnut Street Church Ladies will sponsor a talk on the importance of having a senior safety plan. Our own Deputy Tom Radon will speak. Although the focus is on seniors, all are welcome to attend. Homemade refreshments will be served afterward. We look forward to seeing you at the Walnut Street Church at 4pm on Thursday. For more information call: Irene Weatherspoon 555-234-7890

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