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And this is my logo! I love it! My daughter helped me design this. I had this in mind before my 15 year old Otto crossed the rainbow bridge. So it’s my angel Otto on the right and Carmen on the left. At least once or twice a day I am reaching around a dachshund to type. Carmen lets me know when it’s time for her to go out, which is at least two or three times in a day. If it weren’t for my dog I would happily sit and not move from my keyboard.

There are no doxies in Amazing Gracie, but one shows up in the next installation from Skeeterville. In this story, Gracie has a grey tabby named TicTac. John, my retired cop tries hard to make friends with her.

The backstory on TicTac is that Gracie was walking to the hairdresser one day and thought she heard a cry from the alley behind a store as she passed. She stopped but didn’t hear it again. After she got her hair done, she walked home and heard the same cry. This time she investigated and saw the kitten inside a dumpster. She stepped on some boxes to reach the tiny furball and fell in. She saved the kitten but couldn’t get out of the dumpster until a man heard her yell and helped her out. That night, after they were both clean, she and the kitten sat on the bed together. She knew that she could never take the kitten to the animal shelter. Since residents of The Friendly Arms Apartments are allowed to have one small pet for a fee, she immediately put it into her budget. While they sat there the kitten reached out to her bedstand to play with a container of mints. She romped with them for a long time. That’s how she got the name TicTac.

About TeresaQuill

Teresa writes light hearted cozies set in Skeeterville, Md, a small town with ornery seniors living in an apartment building. Death happens. . . Skeeterville Seniors find out why. Teresa lives in Frederick Md with her personal hero, one noisy parrot, and two needy long-haired dachshunds.

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